Spider-Man: Homecoming actor spotted in new Shang-Chi trailer

It’s no secret that Marvel loves a crossover. From Thor: Ragnarok and its Hulk-shaped “friend from work”, to Black Panther first appearing in Captain America: Civil War, it’s all one big overlapping story. But this one might just be the deepest cut of them all: a Spider-Man: Homecoming actor has been spotted in the new Shang-Chi trailer in one blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

As spotted on Twitter (via Screen Rant (opens in new tab)), the bespectacled man sitting down prior to Shang-Chi’s bus set-piece is played by Zach Cherry, who also had a minor part in Spider-Man: Homecoming as the man asking Tom Holland’s Spidey to “do a flip.” (opens in new tab)

is that zach cherry pic.twitter.com/RRzDehtsLSApril 19, 2021

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Cherry’s unnamed character has seemingly headed West, departing the Big Apple for San Francisco by the time of Shang-Chi’s standalone story. The actor even addressed the speculation – essentially confirming that Cherry is, indeed, back in the MCU.

It’s not not 😉April 19, 2021

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While it’s unlikely to be anything more than a cutesy nod to the fleshed-out wider world of the MCU, it’s nice to know that minor roles are now open to encores. Expect the kid from Iron Man 2 to turn up in a future Marvel project any day now. Wait a minute…

Shang-Chi, meanwhile, has announced itself to the world in hard-hitting fashion – and Shang-Chi actor Simu Liu told EW (opens in new tab) that “the most exciting thing” about playing the part was being able to tell his backstory, something that has never been broached in the comic.

Maybe we’ll even get a peek into Do a Flip Man’s domestic life while we’re at it.

Catch up on the MCU story so far – all four Phases – with our guide on how to watch the Marvel movies in order.

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