Skylanders: Swap Force treasure locations guide

Skylanders: Swap Force is absolutely packed with collectibles. Levels are hiding Legendary Treasures, Winged Sapphires, Story Scrolls, and unique items. With 17 levels to explore, that’s a mountain of goodies to track find. Lucky for you, we’ve tracked them all down! Check out our Skylanders: Swap Force review, then follow along to collect them all.

Note: Some items require Skylanders of a certain element. If you do not have one available, you will not be able to collect them.

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Want to find all the Soul Gems, Bonus Mission maps, or hats in Skylanders: Swap Force? Check out our Soul Gems locations guide, bonus missions locations guide, and hats locations guide!

Many treasures are collected through Swap Zones; however, not every Swap Force character has been released yet. Until we can get our hands on every figurine, this guide will remain “in progress.” Check back for updates!

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