Second Silent Hill movie dated for US release

The second Silent Hill movie, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, has been acquired (opens in new tab) for US distribution by Open Road Films. The company, who recently scored with Taken-versus-wolves thriller The Grey, will release Revelation 3D in the US on October 26. That way, when you’re watching the movie and goodness-knows-what is flying directly at your face, you can just blame the resultant nausea on pre-Halloween candy.

Above: Series newcomers Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington share screentime with series regular A Shitload of Fog

Revelation 3D, directed by Solomon Kane’s Michael J. Bassett, continues the story begun in Christophe Gans’ 2006 original. Seeings as pretty much the entire continuing plot hinges on a (really obvious) twist revealed in that movie’s final minutes, we’ll just mention that it had Sean Bean in it and for a nice change he didn’t betray anyone and/or die – meaning the Game of Thrones star can return for a larger role in the sequel. Also returning are indie stars Radha Mitchell and Deborah Kara Unger, joined by professional terrifying wreck Malcolm McDowell and professional person-who-was-in-The-Matrix Carrie Anne Moss.

The series’ next interactive installment, Silent Hill: Book of Memories’ release date (opens in new tab) recently slipped to next month, giving you some more mentally-fraught goings-on to wade through before the movie’s release. You can also check out our indepth guide to Silent Hill’s 13 creepiest enemies and what they represent (opens in new tab), allowing you to provide running psychological commentary when the movie’s released in October – and in doing so make all the friends.

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