Sacrilegium survival horror game announced by Two Worlds 2 dev

The studio behind the somewhat critically acclaimed (or critically maligned, depending on which critic you’re talking to)announced (opens in new tab)today that it has begun work on a new survival horror title calledSacrilegium (opens in new tab).

There aren’t many details about the game currently available, however it is known that the game is being developed on the GRACE 2 engine, the successor to Reality Pump/Topware’s proprietary GRACE engine which was used on Two Worlds 2.

Reality Pump claims that Sacrilegium will make photographs look like charcoal drawings next to the power of GRACE 2 which will leave players “awestruck.” While that will probably turn out to be the overstatement of the century, we’re curious to see where this project goes.

Reality Pump released the awful Two Worlds back in 2007 and ruined much of the reputation they’d built up developing the Earth 2160 series. However, Two Worlds 2 was hailed by some as a very good action RPG, and the studio’s reputation is now on the mend.

Perhaps open world fantasy RPGs were just a bit premature for such an inexperienced (in action games anyway) developer. Now that they’ve got some experience behind them, we’re really looking forward to seeing where they go with Sacrilegium. At this point, we’ll support any game that promises to revive survival horror.

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