RUMOR: God of War IV in September 2012

A New Zealand retailer may have unveiled the projected release date for Sony’s God of War IV. While no official announcement’s been made regarding the further adventures of Sony’s impossibly angry spokesdeity, webstore Mighty Ape lists the title for pre-order with an “estimated date” of September 2012, even displaying a fan mockup flaming-swords logo for the game. Yep, if (or when) GoW IV comes out, that’s probably something that’ll be in the game.

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While God of War III marked the end of the series’ initial trilogy, Sony has said in the past that we haven’t seen the last of Kratos and his compatriots in mythic angst yet. Series development home Sony Santa Monica has confirmed it’s got plans for where to go next with the series, and is known to be working on undisclosed projects; earlier this year, sources told PSM3 the series’ fourth numbered title is in development. If Mighty Ape’s prognostications come to pass, you shouldn’t have to wait too long before hearing more on the title. Who knows, it could even be revealed at next month’s Spike VGA show.

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