Returnal patch notes – update 1.3.4 explained

The latest Returnal patch notes are here to fix the issues caused by… the previous patch. Update 1.3.4 fixes the save corruption issues that patch 1.3.3 was plagued with, while retaining some of the fixes introduced by patch 1.3.1 which didn’t have any official patch notes, just general game performance and stability fixes. Here are the Returnal patch notes for update 1.3.4.

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Returnal patch notes: Update 1.3.4

Returnal patch notes

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Thankfully, we have official Returnal patch notes now, although they’re somewhat brief. While patch 1.3.5 is in the works, the patch notes for 1.3.4 (opens in new tab) essentially outline what to do if your save file has been corrupted.

  • If your save file size has stayed the same, you are safe to carry on with it.
  • If your save file size has been reduced to 0kb, try using a backed up save file from PS+ after installing patch 1.3.4.
  • If this isn’t possible, your save file is unsalvageable.

Alongside this guidance, patch 1.3.4 also fixes a keyboard exploit that allowed players to access Returnal cheats, along with a trophy bug.

Returnal patch notes: Update 1.3.1

Unfortunately, there aren’t any official Returnal patch notes for update 1.003.001, so we cannot relay any communication directly from Housemarque. On the official discord however, user Flynnerigan collated some tweets and put together some accurate, albeit vague, unofficial patch notes:

  • Fixed game loading issues
  • Addressed various game crashing issues
  • Added stability fixes
  • Added game performance fixes
  • Other minor fixes

Those are some patch notes in dire need of specificity, but it’s better than nothing. According to some players on Reddit though, update 1.003.001 has casued more issues than it’s fixed, with multiple reports of the door bug occuring much more frequently. Apparently, if you’ve got alternate suits thanks to pre-ordering the game, using these can bug the game too so it’s recommended you switch to the default suit for Selene.

This patch didn’t introduce a solution to the Returnal no save issue the community has been discussing, much to the dismay of many players who find the game too unforgiving and difficult. Housemarque has said they are aware of the discussions though, so it could well come at a later date. Fingers crossed.

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