Resistance 3 Survival DLC announced for October 4

Our favorite alternate version of 1957 has only been out for a handful of hours, but Resistance 3 has already announced it will be adding a new multiplayer mode on October 4. The addition is Invasion Mode, and it will be part of the Survival Pack DLC. The gametype requires two teams to hold separate control points from the Chimera assault (or invasion, if you will) while sharing a resource pool The mode doesn’t appear in the launch trailer, but — oh yeah — there’s a launch trailer.

Aside from being much darker than Resistance 2’s often bright, over-saturated, and occasionally campy sci-fi atmosphere, the big bullet point to be taken from this video is the Cryogun. This gun is the 12th and final weapon. As you can tell, it freezes things — don’t get too close to those icicles, or you’ll poke an eye out.

On top of the new game mode, the Survival Pack will include four new multiplayer skins, modeled after survivors you may come across while playing solo and costs $3.99. It’s set to release the same day a free patch will add two new maps, which will bring the map total to fourteen and give those of us without four bucks something to be happy about too.

Sep 6, 2011

Source: PlayStation Blog

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