RAGE HD iOS is free for one week only, download it

So far %26ldquo;liking%26rdquo; things on Facebook hasn’t solved world hunger, freed Tibet, or gotten the space program back on track. Impotent as a %26ldquo;liking%26rdquo; usually is, Bethesda has found a way to harness this hollow Facebook feature to achieve tangible results: for this week only, RAGE HD is free from the app store for iOS devices. We took a look at RAGE HD (opens in new tab) when it was our iPhone/iPad game of the day, and not only did we like it, but it’s an example of what smartphone gaming can aspire to, easily worth the price of nothing.

When Bethesda announced that if RAGE got 100,000 people to %26ldquo;like%26rdquo; its Facebook page RAGE HD would be free for a week, nobody believed it (opens in new tab). But as of yesterday evening, the unthinkable has happened and the game has become available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod for free. The offer ends abruptly at 9:59 am EST on August 24, so get it before then, or you’ll have to pay the hefty retail price of $1.99.

The offer isn’t good all countries or regions (like Singapore and Guatemala), and it’s only free for iOS compatible devices %26mdash; Android owners are out of luck. Downloading RAGE HD requires a WiFi connection or a computer with iTunes that can sync with the iOS device. But before you’re allowed to complain about the fine print (on RAGE’s Facebook page (opens in new tab)), take a deep breath and think: %26ldquo;it’s a free game. Do I really want to be that guy?%26rdquo;

Aug 18, 2011

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