Pokemon Snap Meganiums Pal research task guide

The Pokemon Snap Meganium’s Pal research task is a complicated one, leaving many players baffled. The Illumina Spot in Florio Nature Park isn’t a particularly long journey and it seems like Meganium and Eevee are the only Pokemon around, but taking photos of those doesn’t seem to do the trick. So how do you complete this Pokemon Snap task? With some very precise timing and a little bit of luck – keep reading for the complete guide to the Pokemon Snap Meganium’s Pal research task.

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Pokemon Snap Meganium’s Pal research task

Pokemon Snap Meganium's Pal

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To complete the Pokemon Snap Meganium’s Pal research task, you need to have your fluffruit at the ready on research level two of the Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot. Progress through the level until Meganium walks round the back of the blue and pink tree stood isolated in the middle of the field, near the end. This is where luck comes in though – sometimes, Meganium will cut across in front of the tree instead, which renders this task impossible. if that happens, simply restart.

When Meganium walks behind the tree, you want to throw a fluffruit at the upper branches. If done correctly, a Hoothoot will fall out and Meganium will sit down, slightly dazed. Get a photo of the pair together – Hoothoot on the ground, Meganium wondering what’s just happened – and it should count for the research task, along with being a 4* photo of Meganium to fill out the photodex.

If you’re struggling with the timing, it comes after Professor Mirror has said you’re almost done with the level, and slightly after Meganium has paused its walk, then resumed it. Don’t wait too late though, because you won’t be within range to hit the tree with the fluffruit, and you certainly don’t want Hoothoot to hit Meganium, just land in front. It took us quite a few tries to nail down the timing so don’t be afraid to retry.

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