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She-Hulk head writer talks making a situational comedy in the MCU

She-Hulk’s about to come crashing and smashing her way into the MCU. Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany plays the eponymous hero, who handles superhuman cases at her law firm. Oh, and she happens to be the cousin of Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner. Just like in the comics, Jennifer Walters gets …

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Is Ms. Marvel a mutant? Her MCU origins are tied to the X-Men

Throughout Ms. Marvel there’s been a lot of mystery regarding where Kamala Khan’s superhuman abilities come from. That all changed when, during the series finale on Disney Plus, a huge reveal teased her background – and it looks set to impact the wider MCU in a big way. Before we …

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How many Ms. Marvel episodes are there?

Ms. Marvel brightened our Wednesdays when it launched on Disney Plus. However, you may be wondering how many Ms. Marvel episodes there are, especially as things end on a cliffhanger. Well, unfortunately, the series has already come to an end. In better news, though, we have a handful of reviews …

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