Outriders trailer shows off one of the first worlds you can explore on PS5 and Xbox Series X

The world of Outriders is familiar yet twisted, and a new video showing off its environments is also a look at some of the first places we’ll get to explore on PS5 (opens in new tab) and Xbox Series X (opens in new tab).

Developer People Can Fly confirmed that Outriders will launch in time for the holidays on both next-gen consoles, as well as PC, PS4, and Xbox One, in an action-packed trailer (opens in new tab) earlier this month. This trailer, which debuted at a PAX East panel today, is more laid-back. It’s no less enjoyable to watch, though, especially as you look for the sometimes subtle and sometimes extremely overt ways that the mysterious “Anomaly” has twisted this once-bounteous world.

The Frontiers of Enoch include picturesque forests studded with fungal growths, rolling valleys, impressive cities, foggy canyons, and more. I especially like the threateningly large nests that some creatures have presumably constructed on top of the canyon’s rocky outcroppings. Something tells me they won’t like us tromping through their territory.

If all of those lovely vistas have you in the mood to fight things upon them, you can watch six minutes of Outriders gameplay (opens in new tab) or check out this snippet from our recent Outriders hands-on preview (opens in new tab).

“Outriders has been built with flexibility of playstyle in mind, and as a result it can feel like a bunch of different (good) games at once. Reflect with me, for a moment, on Mass Effect. Imagine the Vanguard class, which lets you harness biotic power while wielding weapons, and the changes implemented with Mass Effect 3 (Rolling to cover! Better cooldowns!) that made its combat the best in the trilogy. Now shift your mind to thinking about the Gears of War trilogy and its chest high walls and crunchy, weighty weapons. The combat in Outriders feels like an amalgamation of these two series: you’re incredibly mobile and can choose to use cover or not (ignoring it won’t constantly kill you, unlike in Gears), and your skills are powerful and cool down quickly (unlike in Mass Effect).”

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