Ocarina of Time 3D to feature Boss Challenge, mirrored Master Quest and video tutorials

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D may be coming a little late to the 3DS’ launch party, but at least it’ll be bringing a few extra goodies to make up for lost time. Grezzo Games, the studio appointed by Nintendo to handle the extra-dimensional remake, has announced a few new features which willadd a little extra spice to the12-year-old classic.

The first of the newly confirmed add-ons is a Boss Challenge mode, wherein players canbattle the dungeonbosses individually or in a successive battle royale tournament ending with (insert dramatic music) Ganondorf. This mode will be activated at an undisclosed point in the game, and was added as an ‘extra treat’ to those who may already have played the game countless times before.

Nintendo alsorevealed some incoming changes to the game’s previously announced Master Quest; a harder, mixed-up version of the original which was nixed from the N64 release. In today’s presser, it said Ocarina of Time 3D’s Master Quest will be a ‘mirrored’ version of its previous incarnation and include new enemy placements.Essentially, it’s an alternate version of the alternative version. Whoa.

In addition to these extra gameplay features, Grezzo Games will help newbies get acquainted with Hyrule viapop-up guide videos similar to to those slotted into New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

New modes, new graphics, a new dimension and a little extra help. Is itenough to convince 3DS fans to buy into a full-priced remake? Who are we kidding, Grezzo had fans at “Zelda.”

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS arrives on June 19th.

[Source:Nintendo World Report (opens in new tab)]

Apr 19, 2011

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