New Woman In Black image released

CBS films has released a new picture from The Woman In Black , and it’s every bit as Gothic and gloomy as those that have gone before. Not that that’s a bad thing by any stretch since this spine-chilling adaptation as about as Gothic and gloomy as they come.

The new pic shows Daniel Radcliffe’s impetuous young lawyer Arthur Kipps as he attempts to get the lie of the land at Eel Marsh House, the broken down estate of his deceased client Alice Drablow. Swirling mist? Check. Overgrown creepers? Check. Menacing old pile? Double-check.

The film’s promotional push has stepped things up a gear in recent weeks, with the release of a second nerve-shredding trailer and the launch of a new viral website entitled What Did They See ? We’ll give nothing away about the latter, save that you can check it out here . It’s worth a look if you think you’re up to it…

Directed by Eden Lake ’s James Watkins, the film follows Radcliffe’s character as he attempts to sort out the papers of his recently deceased client in her isolated old house. He soon begins to discover a series of disturbing secrets, not to mention the presence of a ghostly black-clad apparition.

The Woman In Black
is released in the UK on 10 February 2012. Looks like we’ll be scaring our acquaintances with What Did They See? for a few months to come yet…

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