New Destiny 2: Forsaken PvP maps and Breakthrough mode arrive next week

Destiny 2 (opens in new tab)’s new PvP mode Breakthrough will launch on Tuesday, September 25 alongside four new Crucible maps, Bungie announced in a blog post (opens in new tab) today. And ahead of that, Forsaken’s PvPvE mode Gambit will receive another free trial this weekend from 10am Pacific Friday morning through the same time on Sunday. 

Breakthrough will be available to all Destiny 2 players, but private matches will only be open to players who own the game’s new Forsaken expansion. Three of the four new maps will be available to all players – but Gambler’s Ruin is exclusive to PlayStation 4. 

Breakthrough is a two-phase mode focused on capturing zones. First, two teams fight for control of a zone, and the team that takes it deploys a ‘Breaker.’ The Breaker will then attack the ‘Vault’ of the defending team, which is when the mode diverges from the existing Control game type and becomes more of a payload-style tug-of-war. If the attacking team hacks the other team’s Vault, they win the round. If they run out of time, the defending team wins the round. First to three wins the match. 

In its first week, Breakthrough will have its own dedicated Crucible playlist. However, on October 2, it’ll become part of the general Competitive Crucible playlist. Private Breakthrough matches will be available starting September 25. 

Bungie also offered a sneak peek at the new maps, which were specifically crafted with Breakthrough in mind. One of them, Convergence, is a remade Destiny 1 map and is already available in-game, albeit exclusively through this week’s Iron Banner event playlist. You can check out all four new maps, including the PS4-exclusive Gambler’s Ruin, plus Convergence below. 


Firebase Echo

The Citadel


Gambler’s Ruin

You can gear up for the free Gambit trial with our guide to the exciting new mode (opens in new tab), and if you’re looking for the best weapons to bring into the Crucible, check out our guide to the best Forsaken weapons (opens in new tab).  

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