New Avengers trailer lands

Now our ears have recovered from Madonna’s caterwauling, and the players have had time to count their broken bones, its time to reflect on the most important aspect of last night’s Super Bowl… the new trailer for The Avengers .

Stuffed to the brim with new footage, the latest trailer shows the merry band of superheroes in full-on combat mode, as they pit their wits against Loki’s marauding army.

As Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury intones, “we are hopelessly outgunned… [ but ] I still believe in heroes.†So do we, Nick. So do we. Check out the new teaser below (goosebumps guaranteed)…

As we’d expected, the new trailer contains a whole heap of action, as Iron Man takes to the skies, Thor wields his hammer and Hulk smashes everything that crosses his path.

Incidentally, it’s the latter character who affords Robert Downey Jr his best one-liner. “I have an army,†breathes Loki, menacingly. “We have a Hulk,†quips Tony Stark.Oh hell yes…

The Avengers assemble in UK cinemas on 27 April 2012.

If you’re a fan of all things Avengers , why not go ahead and like the film’s UK Facebook page ?

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