Need For Speed: Most Wanted billboard locations guide

As you travel around Fairhaven, you will find large billboards that advertise EA companies such as EA Sports, DICE, Visceral Games, and Bioware. Once you find a sign, chances are that there are many more within the same area and it can get a little overwhelming at times on which to go for. Stay focused on one billboard and then move on to the next one once you have successfully driven your car through it. While the majority of billboards are pretty simple to smash through and can be spotted easily, there are some that will require you to use some fancy driving to reach, such as hitting ramps at full speed, driving across high platforms and so forth.

Smashing through a billboard is only part of what you need to do for it to count as being destroyed however. Once you have smashed a sign, you also need to safely land the jump and not crash as you land. If you do happen to crash your ride after destroying a sign, you will need to try it again as the sign will return to its original form. If you are wondering if you successfully broke the billboard, it will almost immediately turn into a “Wanted” sign with the picture anyone on your friends list who has smashed through it with a longer distance while doing so. If no one has, then it will have a blank silhouette and you will hold the record for it. Below we have marked the location of each billboard, so go forth and smash away!

Billboard Locations:

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