Mojang dangles first footage of Scrolls (dont panic Bethesda no-one is going to mistake this for Skyrim)

With all that unfortunate business of Bethesda suing Minecraft makers Mojang settled (opens in new tab) quite a while ago, the indie developer has finally been able to release the first video – as well as an updated website – for its new project Scrolls. And we’re sure Bethesda will be pleased to see that it looks nothing like Skyrim.

The first gameplay video shows off a brief glimpse into the mechanics of Scrolls. Namely, that it will be based around collectible cards, which will be used in gameplay that takes place on a hexagonal battlefield where you’ll be pitting your wits against other Scrolls players to earn more collectible cards, like Pokemon’s trading card game, but with men in armour instead of monsters in balls.

Going into further detail on the website, Mojang set out its intentions for the game, with an aim for “digital online gaming, auction houses, single player campaigns and an array of multiplayer gaming modes… to give the Collectable Card Game fans a never before seen online experience”.

According to the website, a closed alpha will be starting fairly soon and it also revealed the game will be following the same release pattern of Minecraft, so players will be able to buy the beta version at a reduced cost when Mojang decides to release it into their ravenous hands.

The site has a few screenshots and wallpapers on offer as well, which should give you some further scope for noticing the lack of similarities between Mojang’s Scrolls and Skyrim, just in case the card game angle didn’t tip you off already.

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