Matthew McConaughey enrols at The Dallas Buyers Club

matthew mcconaughey

Matthew McConaughey appears to be on a career high after his stellar turn in The Lincoln Lawyer , having just signed up to drama The Dallas Buyer’s Club .

Despite having beefed up a fair amount of nauseating rom-coms after his name-making performance in 1996’s A Time To Kill , he’s back choosing interesting roles with Dallas .

McConaughey will play Texas electrician Ron Woofrood, who is diagnosed with AIDS in 1987 and given just six months to live.

But by smuggling drugs into the US, he lives for six years, and saves numerous others from certain death.

Not that there isn’t a rom-com element to Dallas – but only in the form of other chick flick lover Hilary Swank, who’s remembered she won an Oscar for Million Dollar Baby and fancied doing some acting again.

Previously, Dallas was being circled by Brad Pitt in 2007. But we can’t wait to see what a resurgent McConaughey will do with the material.

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