Marvel makes surprise switch for its next Thor artist

Marvel Comics has taken its upcoming Thor series artist Alessandro Vitti off the title, and pushed back the release of the next issue which will give his replacement more time to draw it.

Thor #15 cover

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The publisher has informed retailers that Michele Bandini is replacing Vitti on Thor #15 (opens in new tab), with the release date moving from June 23 to July 14. Bandini drew the 2018 one-shot What If? Thor (opens in new tab), and previously shared his affinity for the current Thor run – and particularly that of original series artist Nic Klein.

Thor #15 is the beginning of a new four-part arc titled ‘Revelations’, with the absent All-Father Odin returning from the shadows after Thor has become King of Asgard and well… bad things have happened.

“The wounds of Donald Blake have not yet healed, and new Hel is afoot!” reads Marve’s description of Thor #15. “With all inhabitants back in Asgard, and Odin’s presence returned after being away so long, an air of tension now sits upon the throne! Father and son. All-Father and All-Father. Odin and Thor. Is this relationship forever doomed, and what does it mean for the Ten Realms?”

Thor #15 cover

(Image credit: Nic Klein (Marvel Comics))

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Marvel hasn’t specified if Bandini will draw the entire arc the way Vitti was planned to, nor the reason for Vitti’s departure. Unfortunately, this is the second time this has happened recently, as nine months ago Vitti was removed from Boom! Studios’ high-profile Keanu Reeves book Brzrkr, with Ron Garney brought in as a replacement.

Original Thor series artist Nic Klein is currently working ahead on the series, with a plan to return this winter beginning with Thor #19.

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