Liam Neeson cut from Hangover 2

Liam Neeson’s much publicised cameo has been cut from The Hangover: Part II.

Nick Cassavetes will now play the role of a Bangkok tattoo artist, originally destined for Mel Gibson.

After choosing to cut the proceeding scene, director Todd Phillips ordered a re-shoot but the busy Unknown star was unable to schedule it – having started filming the sequel to Clash of the Titans .

Talking to Variety , however, Phillips assured fans of the franchise that Cassavetes had “turned out great.”

The film would have reunited Neeson with Bradley Cooper, after both starred in last year’s reboot of The A-Team .

This news comes just hours after the comedy’s theatrical trailer was pulled from US cinemas.

The spot quickly attracted complaints after a PG-13 audience were left shocked at scenes that included a monkey simulating sex with an elderly man.

Warner Bros, along with the Motion Picture Association of America, had apparently failed to vet the trailer properly.

All copies have since been destroyed, with a new one being cut to premiere alongside the upcoming Scream 4.

The Hangover: Part II will be released on May 26.

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