Let Me In Director Plans A Frankenstein Endevor

Matt Reeves to direct adaptation of upcoming novel This Dark Endevor

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Coverfield and Let Me In director Matt Reeves is set to helm a big screen adaptation of an as-yet-unpublished novel that features a new twist on Frankenstein .

This Dark Endevor: The Apprenticeship Of Victor Frankenstein , by Kenneth Oppel and due to be published in August, is the first in a planned series of books. When Victor Frankenstein’s twin brother, Konrad, falls gravely ill, leading Victor to seek out a mysterious alchemist to help him produce the Elixir of Life, a fabled serum that will bestow the drinker with perpetual health. Faced with the unthinkable outcome of losing his brother, and aided by his best friend Elizabeth (whose relationship with both brothers grows increasingly complicated), Victor sets out on a quest for the three ingredients needed to save Konrad’s life.

The film’s script will be written by Jacob Estes ( Mean Creek , The Details ) and Twilight production company Summit will produce.

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