Kingdom Hearts 3DS looks fantastic and confusing in equal measures in new 10-minute trailer

An English language trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance has landed, shedding light on the game’s plot. Well, as much light as a small candle that’s obscured by some kind of semi-opaque lampshade, despite a wealth of footage from exposition-heavy cut-scenes. Confusing allusions to hearts, darkness, dreams and soul copies aside (which is all pretty standard KH fare), there’s no denying the game looks exceptionally slick and pretty, which is good enough to get us excited despite knowing we’re about to sit through hours of veiled plot development yet again. Still, observe its shininess:

The Tron world looks exceptionally well-realised, the animation in both the cut-scenes and boss battles looks exemplary and we’ll never, ever get tired of hearing Utada Hikaru’s vocal chords doing that thing they do on the soundtrack. Low points would have to be (ironically) revealing too much content, and of course the ludicrous scripting that is surely running out of ways to paraphrase the same metaphor of darkness and light.

“I walk the road to dawn!”

You don’t say.

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