Kenneth Branagh to play Jack Ryan villain?

Not only is Kenneth Branagh directing the untitled Jack Ryan reboot for Paramount, but the classically trained actor is also reportedly in talks to star as the film’s villain, according to Variety (opens in new tab) .

Chris Pine is currently in place to star as ex-marine Jack Ryan, who now finds himself working as a financial analyst in Moscow. However, it isn’t long before duty calls once more as he uncovers his employer’s plot to finance a terrorist attack designed to collapse the US economy.

Branagh is currently in discussions to play said villain, a Russian financier standing to make a pretty penny by devaluing the American dollar. Presumably Ryan didn’t mention his military background in the job interview…

We’re firmly in Bond villain territory here, by the sounds of things, although Branagh is sufficiently actorly to keep the cat-stroking and cackling under control. Let’s just hope he’s been brushing up on his Russian accent, so as to avoid generic Euro-baddie syndrome…

Paramount have been hoping to get things moving on this one just as soon as Pine wraps shooting on Star Trek 2 , so hopefully we’ll get our hands on some new details in the coming weeks. No release date has been pencilled in at this stage.

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