Kaya Scodelario responds to Lara Croft Tomb Raider reboot rumours

We recently caught up with Kaya Scodelario to discuss the return of Skins and her new thriller Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes .

During our chat, we asked her about those Tomb Raider reboot rumours, and she also told us about her dream role…

You’ve been linked to a Tomb Raider reboot…

“I know – I don’t know where the fuck that’s come from! Imagine having to take over from Angelina Jolie – you just couldn’t, could you? My auntie rang me up and was like, ‘Kaya, I’ve just seen on Google that…’ I’d literally not heard a whisper about that, at all.

“Would I be tempted? A little bit. That would be quite fun. Give me a couple of years to get my fitness up first, and then maybe I’ll tackle that one, but I’ve no idea where that’s come from at all.”

Do you have a dream role? A character or historical figure or anything?

“I’m fascinated with the ’60s and ’70s, and the whole rock’n’roll genre, I’ve read every autobiography – Patti Smith and Mick Jagger; I love that Andy Warhol-New York scene, I’d love to do something about that. That would be my dream role, to really kind of get into that.

“And I think the music is so powerful and the message, and the youth was so… I feel like my generation doesn’t really have a movement like that, and I want us to have some sort of movement. So yeah, I’d love to do something with The Rolling Stones. I chased Ronnie Wood through a hotel in Paris, a couple of years ago, literally chased him, and then he turned round and I burst out crying and he hugged me! I was such a mess…

“And the cheesy one would be an Arnie film. I love him so much! My heart starts beating when I think about it. And maybe Danny DeVito could be there too. They’re doing [Twins sequel ] Triplets , so…”

Skins series 7 airs in the UK from 1 July 2013.

[Interview by Emma Morgan]

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