Inversion: Story trailer wants to turn your head upside down

Namco Bandai has released another trailer for Saber Interactive’s Inversion, and it’s a bit sneaky. On the face of it, it’s a quick broad-strokes outline of the game’s plot: daughter kidnapped, gravity reversed, guns still working, go shoot some bad guys. But because we’re hyper-media-savvy screen gurus (read: went to the movies in 2010), we’d like to suggest something a bit more subtle than that.


Sure, you are getting a good look at Davis Russel, the game’s broken-hearted protagonist (the best kind), and the sorts of havoc he’s capable of wreaking upon the game’s dastardly foes… but have another listen to that big clanging soundtrack. Watch those upside-down cities falling apart in a manner as glorious as it is impossible, and ask yourself where you’ve seen this sort of thing before. That’s right. Namco Bandai is trying to Inception you into loving Inversion. DUNNNNN.

Well, hell, Nolan and company have had a good year or more to make something happen with that actual Inception videogame. If this is what Inversion’s early 2012 release date gives you to look forward to, so be it. Or is that just what the trailer wants us to say??

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