InFamous 2 trophy guide

There’s a lot to do in New Marais, especially if you’re looking to nab every trophy InFamous 2 has to offer. Between the blast shards, dead drops, unlockable powers, and numerous side missions, dealing with the Beast is just going to have to wait. We’ve put this guide together so that you can make the most of your time in the city and knock out that Platinum with just two playthroughs.

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Pain Builds

Finish the game on hard difficulty

The difficulty can only be changed in the option menu, and medium is the default. If you want to get this done on your first go, you’ll want to change to hard as soon as you’re able to access the options menu and never lower the difficulty.

Just One More

Pick up all the Blast Shards scattered around New Marais

Hey, we made acomplete map of the Shard locations!

You can unlock a power that shows any remaining blast shards on the mini-map whenever you use radar pulse (even if they’re far away), but you need to complete a whopping 60 side missions first. Note that while blast shards you obtain from side missions or by means other than simply finding them (such as disarming blast shard bombs and stopping runners) will increase your energy, they won’t count towards the 305 required for the trophy. You can check your count by looking at your save file.

With Great Power
Comes Greater Power

Unlock and purchase all powers

This is no easy task, but fortunately obtaining this trophy only requires unlocking and purchasing the powers that match your karmic affinity (plus all the neutral ones), meaning you can get this done in a single playthrough. By the time you complete the 60 side missions required for the blast shard sense ability, you’ll probably have gathered enough exp to purchase everything else.


Pick up 50% of the Blast Shards scattered around New Marais

This is obviously the more casual of the two Blast Shard collecting trophies. Chances are you’ll earn this just by going after Blast Shards that you see as you go from mission to mission.

Fight the Good

Unlock the good ending

In a mission appropriately called “The Final Decision,” you can choose to fight the beast or side with it. Fighting the beast will unlock the good ending.

Forging Your Own

Unlock the evil ending

Choose to side with the beast during “The Final Decision” to unlock this ending. It’s important to note that it is no easy task to go against the grain and make the choice that doesn’t match your current Karma level. For instance, if you have good karma but want to side with the beast, you’ll need to go out and lower your karma down to evil levels before attempting this mission again.

Land Lord

Take over the first island in New Marais

To take over an island, you’ll need to complete all of the necessary side missions on that island. Some of these missions (convoys and hidden packages) are inactive until you kill specific enemies. Unfortunately there’s no way to know which ones, so if there’s still a section of island that you haven’t taken over, seek out any enemies in the area and take them down until one of them turns yellow.

It%26rsquo;s My Turn,

Take over the second island in New Marais

Same deal as the first island, though at this point you may be sick of repetitive side missions. Don’t give up! Platinums are so shiny!

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