Image Comics horror series The Beauty returns for All Good Things finale

Never say never. After a two-year hiatus, the finale of Image Comics’ horror series The Beauty is on its way from Jeremy Haun and Jason Hurley this September.

The Beauty

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“You’ve all waited so patiently for this one. I’m proud to finally get to announce the conclusion to my and Jason Hurley’s long epic story about the lengths we go to in order to be ‘beautiful,'” Haun writes in his newsletter (opens in new tab). “The Beauty: All Good Things wraps up this series in exactly the way we always planned.”

Matthew Dow Smith is stepping in as guest artist for The Beauty: All Good Things, however Haun says he’ll probably draw a portion of it himself. Brett Weldele has signed on to color all 40 pages.

In related news, Haun is putting the final touches on a collection of his own comic book short stories unter the title Haunthology Volume 1. Haun plans it to have over 20 short horror stories all written, drawn, and lettered by him alone in this.

The Beauty

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“They’re personal, but still genre stories filled with monsters and post-apocalyptic landscapes,” Haun writes. “Haunthology is definitely horror, but there’s also moments of real emotion…and even whimsy. Just like real life.”

Haun plans for Haunthology Volume 1 to be a 160-page, oversized deluxe hardcover. It is scheduled to go on sale later this year, with a Kickstarter campaign to launch on July 8.

“This project was my lifeline during COVID – my therapy,” Haun writes. “I’m as proud of it as anything I’ve ever done. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.”

While you wait, the first five volumes of Haun and Hurley’s The Beauty (opens in new tab) is available now.

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