If Uncharted 4s ending leaves things dangling it wont be to set up a sequel says Naughty Dog

Oh Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, you’re so close yet so far. Excitement continues to build to a pitched fever for Drake’s final ride (especially if it takes a few leaves out of Until Dawn’s bloody playbook), even with that delay that pushed it into March next year. Naughty Dog has already explained that extra time has gone into making the ending the best it can be, but what goes into making a great story great?

Thankfully we’ll get a taste of the game’s multiplayer component when its Beta launches in December on PS4, but while we’re sucking up XP in deathmatches, Druckmann and co will be fine tuning those final moments to ensure it sends off Uncharted in the way it deserves. “When you look back at it, it should seem really obvious that everything led to that point, and yet when it happens you should not be able to guess exactly how things are going to play out. It’s very important,” continues Druckmann. “That’s one of our goals for this game; to wrap up Nathan Drake’s story.”

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