Homefront map pack “The Rock” is now available

Homefront just got a shot of new content added to Xbox Live with two new multiplayer maps, Alcatraz and Bridge. It seems that the North Korean invaders have taken over the former prison (and current tourist hotspot) outside of San Francisco and then they set their sights on the city’s world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. Watch the trailer below:

Did you know that painting the Golden Gate Bridge is a year-round job? As soon as the bridge maintainers reach the end they start again from the beginning. The also stop if the city is invaded by a foreign country.

Here are the four areas that come with the DLC:

Alcatraz turns America’s most famous prison into fierce close-quarters battleground.

Bridge features the scenic Golden Gate Bridge in an arms struggle to secure the bridge’s north tower.

Waterway is a chance to take the fight to storefronts and streets of the Spillway.

Overpass is a chance to play team deathmatch in a fan-favorite Ground Control space.

The map pack is 400 Microsoft Points.

Jul 29, 2011

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