Grimm 2.11 “To Protect and Serve Man” REVIEW

Grimm 2.11 “To Protect and Serve Man” TV REVIEW

Episode 2.11
Directed by: Omar Madha
Written by: Dan E Fesman

THE ONE WHERE Hank’s new knowledge of the wesen-verse inspires him to re-investigate a case in which his testimony put a man on death row. Juliette and Captain Renard’s mutual obsession continues.

VERDICT The case of the week is an interesting one, and gives Russell Hornsby a chance to come front and centre. While I moan continually about how unbelievable Juliette’s character is, Hank’s reaction to his ongoing knowledge of the wesen world has been really nicely handled, and while the race-against-time-for-the-man-on-death-row is a bit of a procedural plot device mainstay, it’s well-written and genuinely moving. The underrated Jason Gedrick sidesteps the worst of the made-for-TV-movie clichés, with a nice echo of Hank’s traumatised reaction to seeing the monsters earlier in the season.

Meanwhile Hank’s attack of conscience at condemning an innocent man is balanced by the fact he definitely seems to enjoy dispatching wesen bad guys; it’s an interesting dynamic, not least because presumably it’s only a matter of time before Hank’s use of Grimm-style justice will get him in police-type trouble. He’s bordering on becoming a supernatural vigilante himself.

It’s just as well the case was engaging, as there was very little happening elsewhere. Juliette has a friend visit, seemingly for exposition purposes, so she can blither on about how she’s not sure about Nick and might have feelings for someone else. Meanwhile, Renard is looking for answers in the bottom of a bottle. There are a lot of exquisitely played will-they won’t-they genre love triangles out there. Sadly, this isn’t one of them. Thankfully the slow-burn of Renard turning to Rosalee/Monroe for help has finally played out, and the end of the episode was laugh-out-loud funny thanks to the build of anticipation through the episode as to whether the spice shop appointment would go ahead (let’s face it, we’ve been let down on developments on this front before) and Silas Weir Mitchell’s brilliant expression when he finally understands what he’s seeing.

Next week’s episode is the mid-season finale and there are lots of elements still outstanding, not least Adalind’s return, the love triangle without end, the ongoing royal plots and whether – please! – Rosalee ever returns from her aunt’s. Here’s hoping some of these questions are answered, or moved along at least. Also, some more for Monroe to do wouldn’t go amiss either.

BEST BIT “Oh boy,” indeed. So Monroe finally knows the object of Captain Renard’s affection having walked in on that kiss. Rather awkward and a great cliffhanger to lead us into next week. Now can we have something actually happen, please?

Sgt Wu, ankle-deep in the skeletal remains of the wendigo’s victims: “Clean-up on aisle four.”

Narin Bahar

Grimm season two is currently airing in the UK on Watch, Mondays at 9pm

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