Go anywhere, shoot at and miss anything in full release of Arma 3

First-person military sim Arma 3 entered full release today after months as a Steam Early Access title. Bohemia Interactive released a trailer showcasing the game’s extensive combat scenarios and terrain–check it out to see drones, vehicles, and infantry in action.

Just because it’s out of beta doesn’t mean it’s all there yet: the single-player campaign will be filled out in three segments over the coming months, with first episode Survive set to drop within 30 days. Even without the pre-built campaigns, you can make your own single player and multiplayer across the 270 km² island of Altis for $60 or £40.

“We’re incredibly proud of the release of Arma 3, as well as of the unique collaboration with the people who joined for the early-access development. We experienced some significant setbacks in the past years, but the fantastic public response to the Alpha and Beta kept us going,” project lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land said on Bohemia’s blog.

“Together we’ve made a game that truly meets its potential–while establishing a platform to build upon and grow even further. Our long-term commitment to Arma 3, in combination with the creative modding community and Steam Workshop, means this is just the kick off. We thank everyone for their splendid support and welcome you all to join our journey ahead.”

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