Fortnite Ice Storm Challenges guide

The Fortnite Ice Storm Challenges are now in full swing, as all 13 of them have been revealed. These are part of the Fortnite Ice Storm event, which has seen the island completely carpeted in snow and the addition of the Ice Legion to Fortnite (opens in new tab). These enemies spawn in waves from Ice Shards that appear randomly around the map, and will attack you if you shoot at them or get too close. This is very reminiscent of the previous Fortnitemares event, except this time the Ice Shards can be found anywhere and are not restricted to set locations. Keep eliminating members of the Ice Legion to complete the limited time Fortnite Ice Storm Challenges, and you’ll earn a decent chunk of bonus XP – as well as collecting a Blue Metallic wrap once you’ve beaten six challenges and unlocking the imposing Winter’s Thorn glider for finishing them all.

Fortnite Ice Storm Challenges

The full set of Ice Storm Challenges that you need to complete for your rewards are as follows:

You can take on these challenges in any of the Fortnite Ice Storm modes, and you probably want to battle with the Ice Legion as close to the edge of the map or the storm as you can, to reduce the risk of other players attacking you. Remember that the Ice Shards spawn randomly, so keep an eye out for their glow and surrounding icy fog to identify them. If you’re unsure what you have to do, these are the targets you’re looking for…

Destroy Ice Fiends

The Ice Fiends are your standard enemy grunts, who can only withstand a couple of hits. You need to destroy 250 of them though, so keep blasting your way through those waves.

Destroy Ice Brutes

The Ice Brutes are the more solid tank enemies, which take around 300 damage to put down. Aim for headshots to increase the impact of your attacks, as you work your way through eliminating 100 of them.

Destroy Ranged Ice Fiends

You can identify the Ranged Ice Fiends by their glowing white hands, and you should watch out for their additional thrown snowball attacks if they get too close. They’re not particularly strong, which is handy as you need to rattle through 150 of them in total.

Destroy Golden Ice Brutes

The Golden Ice Brutes tend to spawn later in a round, so you’ll normally need to survive at least one cycle of the storm shrinking before one will appear. These absolute units take a lot of damage before they’re destroyed, so try and tackle them with explosives, close up shotgun blasts etc and keep moving to avoid their powerful melee attacks. Eliminating 20 of them is going to take a lot of rounds, so be prepared for the long haul.

Destroy an Ice Shard in different matches

As you deal damage to an Ice Shard, you’ll see its health bar slowly ticking down, and when it reaches zero it will explode and drop a selection of weapons and items. Naturally, once you destroy an Ice Shard it’ll stop spawning new Ice Legion for you to fight, so make sure you’ve had your fill of enemies or can spot another shard nearby before you wreck it – you’ll need to do this for 10 different matches in total.

Destroy elite members of the Ice Legion

The elite members of the Ice Legion can be identified by the green glow down the centre of their bodies, and they take more damage than regular enemies before they are put down. As their name suggests, they also appear less frequently than regular enemies, so destroy them on sight as you need to eliminate 100 in total.

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