First footage from Django Unchained: watch now

Django Unchained has released its first footage online, with Entertainment Tonight previewing their exclusive trailer reveal with a miniature teaser.

The new footage focuses mainly on Leonardo DiCaprio’s villainous plantation owner Calvin Candie, seen here purring to Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, “gentlemen, you had my curiosity… now you have my attention.”

DiCaprio’s villain seems to be of the playful variety, whooping and hollering at every turn, before commenting of Django, “he is a rambunctious sort,” ina honey-coated Southern drawl.

Check out the new footage, below…

While we’re not over-keen on this new trend of trailers for trailers, we must confess to being particularly excited by this one, as brief as it is. At present, the tone seems fairly light-hearted, although we’re sure things will take a turn for the dark when the slavery issue takes centre stage.

Django Unchained
opens in the UK on 18 January 2013. In the meantime, stay tuned for the first official trailer, which should be arriving sooner rather than later.

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