Fan-made “Want You Gone” Portal 2 video is an upgrade from the original

Jonathan Coulton’s end-game song “Want You Gone” for Portal 2 was a work of inspired geek genius. The static, orange-tinted video which accompanied it, however, was not. Thankfully, Portal fans are among some of the most creative in the video game community, and we now have a “Want You Gone” music video worthy of Aperture Science’s approval.

The video was created by Portuguese Portal 2 fan Pedro ‘tigerboyPT’ Calvo. Describing it on hisYouTube page (opens in new tab), Calvo says his original plan was to simply feature GLaDOS singing the lyrics, but soon expanded his creative vision, noting, “I realized it needed something else; then I had the idea of making those little Portal 2 style cartoons, which was quite challenging and really fun to make. I also had fun searching for the flashing pics!”

This is the second Portal inspired music video to come from Calvo. Back in 2007, he used Alyx Vancefrom Valve’s Half Life series to homage to Coulton’s first Portal song, “Still Alive”. Feel free to sing along below:

Jul 6, 2011

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