Watch Pedro Almodovars Im So Excited Trailer! Online

Anyone who’s ever seen The Skin I Live In (opens in new tab) , All About My Mother (opens in new tab) or pretty much anything on Pedro Almodovar’s cinematic CV will understand he’s not the most conventional of filmmakers.

But our exclusive trailer for I’m So Excited! looks like he’s set to raise the camp, crazy and colourful bar yet again.

Set almost entirely on an aeroplane flying its way to Mexico City, the pilots, flight crew, and passengers are forced to ‘face the greatest danger, which we carry within ourselves’, when it appears the end could be in sight.

The greatest danger, it seems, could just be singing, booty-shaking and jazz-handing your way through any turbulent situation life throws at you.

Watch the trailer below and spot the cameos from long-time Almodovar collaborators Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas)…

I’m So Excited hits UK cinemas 3 May 2013

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