EXCLUSIVE Ghostwatch Documentary Trailer

It’s 20 years since faux spooky documentary Ghostwatch scared the bejesus out of ’90s Britain. Upcoming documentary Behind The Curtains goes, er, behind the curtains to tell the story of a show that made a nation believe things really do go bump in the night, as a TV crew spent a night at an ordinary house with an extraordinary (and scary) house guest named Pipes.

This new trailer gives a hint of what to expect…

The doc features interviews with all the key players, including writer Stephen Volk and stars Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene, Mike Smith and Craig Charles. It’s directed by Richard Lawden.

The release date is still TBC, but you can celebrate the 20th anniversary on Halloween by taking part in the National Seance 2012 – just don’t blame us if Pipes plays you a visit…

Ghostwatch is included in our feature on the best sci-fi TV mockumentaries .

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