EVE Online developer CCP lays off 20% of staff

CCP Games, the Icelandic developer of EVE Online, has announced that stretched resources and tight economic times have forced the company to dismiss around 20% of its staff. The company’s output has been divided between EVE Online, the MMO/FPS Dust 514, and White Wolf tie-in World of Darkness; this week’s announcement includes news of a renewed focus on EVE, with remaining staff reshuffled to meet the company’s commitments to its other properties.

Layoffs will be focused mainly on the company’s Atlanta, Georgia premises, with some redundancies at the Reykjavik HQ as well. Calling the decision “difficult for all those involved and extraordinarily sad for all of those whose lives are affected,” CCP has pledged to make “every effort within our means” to help dismissed staff find new positions.

Above: Gritty shooter Dust 514 will still find its way to players as a PS3 exclusive, CCP promises

Players should see the results of this decision within the coming months, with staff redeployed to strengthen development of upcoming EVE expansions. CCP stresses that its flagship title continues to see positive yearly growth, pledging to rectify the “mistakes and poor communications” that led to a drop-off in the title’s peak user-base this year. “A significantly reduced team” will continue work on World of Darkness, while work continues on bringing Dust 514 to PS3 players. CCP says its longer-term plan for EVE and Dust 514 involves an “ambitious and challenging plan” to unite the two in a persistent online world.

Oct 19, 2011

Source: EVE Insider via Massively

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