EA launches Only in Battlefield 3 trailer contest

EA is collecting moments of intense bravery and epic action from Battlefield 3 in exchange for a chance to win a free trip to visit its Digital Illusions CE (DICE) studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Open now until January 23, the “Only in Battlefield 3” contest invites players to capture their most eye-popping moments in Battlefield 3’s multiplayer mode, upload it as a trailer to YouTube, and email their video link to EA’s judges. Entrants are encouraged to make use of a BF3 asset pack, and refrain from using anything but the Battlefield 3 theme to score their films, as the use of copyrighted music is prohibited.

“You can only find them in Battlefield, and other games can’t touch them,” writes DICE on the contest’s official site. “Our unscripted Battlefield moments that make you go ‘holy sh#t!’ Whether it’s jumping over an RPG, sniping a helicopter pilot and entering the heli mid-air, or taking revenge on an enemy pilot by shooting him down after having ejected – no other game has the dynamic all-out vehicle warfare that makes crazy plays like these possible.”

Submissions will be judged on originality, creativity, appropriateness to topic, and resourcefulness; the latter of which is defined as one’s ability to immortalize their Battlefield 3 moment in video form. The top three will be rewarded with a trip for two to meet the Battlefield 3 developers at EA’s DICE studio in Sweden. Read the full rules to learn how you can turn your in-game tomfoolery into a free 2012 vacation.

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