E3 2011: Katamari Amore rolling out for the iPad/iPhone

The King of All Cosmos appears to be making a return visit to the land of iPads and iPhones, as Namco has just released new screenshots from its upcoming iOS entry, Katamari Amore.

Unofficially revealed back in march thanks to a leaked trademark filing, Katamari Amore appears to be an entirely new title for iOS systems. This will be the second time the Prince has rolled around in Apple’s App Store, the first time being his starring role in thei Love Katamari port back back in 2008. Judging by the screens, Namco won’t be straying too far from the Katamari formula. Have a look:

Katamari Amore doesn’t have a release date or price, but we’re willing to bet on ‘soon’ and ‘relatively cheap’.

June 9, 2011

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