Dying Light fan rants about games inaccuracies, devs respond in best way

When Dying Light (opens in new tab) player “c0mpl3x1ty” noticed inaccuracies in how the zombie survival game portrayed its electricity infrastructure, they did what anyone would do: they ranted about insulators (opens in new tab), phases (opens in new tab), and substations (opens in new tab) while snapping screenshots and sharing them on Twitter. Kotaku brought (opens in new tab) the matter to developer Techland’s attention, and the studio has revealed how the city has been generating power when it shouldn’t be able to:

Regarding their … unconventional means of keeping the lights on, Techland wrote: “It’s true, our electrical systems break conventional design. But when you’re stuck in a zombie outbreak you’re going to have to adapt and therefore bypass certain ‘rules.’ The people of Harran had to apply a really resourceful design which required the existing infrastructure to be tweaked. That’s why when you look at the current electrical setup in Harran things appear ‘wrong.'”

Silly as it is, it’s kind of encouraging to see Techland being such good sports. Devs get all kinds of feedback from fans both good and bad, and a response like this shows that however much rotting flesh surrounds them, the people behind Dying Light are still human. Good eye, c0mpl3x1ty, and kudos to you, Techland.

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