Doctor Who “The Name Of The Doctor Spoiler-Free Preview

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Everything you don’t need to know about next week’s Steven Moffat-penned finale episode of Doctor Who (because we’re not giving anything away – believe us, it’s much better that way)…

• The precredit teaser’s an absolute blast, a Moffat montage with some nods to the past.

• The kids are back… but have no fear, in one scene only do they appear.

• There’s a souffle in the mix, and an old enemy with new tricks.

• Someone’s tired of the Taj Mahal, someone’s there but not there at all.

• Rhyming couplets are everywhere, like a creepy version of Rupert Bear…

(But we’ll gladly concede that it’s a gimmick we’re doing a bad job trying to mimic… so we’ll stop)

• The Doctor says something he said in “Castrovalva”.

• There’s a very uncharacteristic moment for this Eleventh Doctor… and a very powerful one because of it.

• Something’s bigger on the outside.

• There’s some outrageous regional stereotyping (but they’ll probably take it as a compliment).

• The TARDIS makes a very different kind of landing (and she’s not in a good mood).

• Somebody makes some hollow threats.

• The monsters-of-the-week have some very interesting abilities.

• The Doctor’s first appearance is blindfolded.

• A monster’s name is used an expletive (we bet it catches on).

• There’s a new form of time travel.

• A letter makes Clara all dreamy.

• There’s a film – the title of which begins with Z – that has certain similarities to some important moments here.

• The preview copy didn’t have the final scene to avoid any spoilers getting out, so we’re going to guess that the big twist involves Adric, Kamelion, Mel Bush and the Kandyman. (Or maybe not.)

And it’s great. Well, three of us on the team loved it to bits anyway.

Doctor Who “The Name Of The Doctor” airs on BBC One on Saturday 18 May at 7pm

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