Doctor Who “The Angels Take Manhattan” Spoiler-Free Preview

Doctor Who “The Angels Take Manhattan” Preview

• It’s a good ’un. Great central concept, good new twist on the Angels’ MO

• It’s a weepie; Moffat was telling the truth about that

• It’s a truly memorable companions’ goodbye episode, but it doesn’t go over-the-top

• There’s a very long and very creepy precredits teaser

• There are some spectacular effects, including a TARDIS materialisation

• One of the most memorable images doesn’t quite make sense if you think about it, but it’s a bloody good image so best not to think about it too much

• Be prepared for any kids in the room watching to issue a continual stream of, “But they looked away! He blinked! She was looking!”

• The film noire feel is spot on

• Ming makes an appearance

• There are a lot of Moffat’s hastily delivered, off-the-cuff explanations, so pay attention

• The Doctor makes some final checks

• If you want to read too much into one revelation, Steven Moffat probably doesn’t consider episode titles as spoilers

• New York feels very underpopulated

• Some wrist action may be vital to the future

• Stay till after the end credits

“The Angels Take Manhattan” will air on BBC1 on Saturday 29 September at 7.20pm. Don’t miss it, because avoiding spoilers after it airs will be difficult

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