Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock making housecalls in 2012

Sci-fi’s greatest Time Lord (no, not Inspector Spacetime… sadly) is getting another go at gaming infamy with the 2012 release of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock for PS3, PS Vita and PC. What great intergalactic dangers will the Doctor and his companion face this time? To be honest, we’re really not quite sure, but judging by BBC Worldwide’s teaser trailer, it will have something to do with a very important clock that’s been around for, say, an eternity.

Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock is being developed by , whose last big entry on a Sony system was Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves. In a quote obtained by Doctor Who TV, BBC describes the title as one wherein, “Gamers can take on the role of the Doctor and River Song as they explore the universe of Doctor Who over multiple time periods.”

The good doctor doesn’t have a sterling videogame record, which is a shame because the series lends itself perfectly to the MMO format or even a universe-trotting RPG. The last notable Dr. Who game was released for iOS in 2010, and by “notable” we mean it kind of got fans interested but was quickly erased from recorded history due to a time anomaly (or so we imagine). Other than a smattering of adventure games and browser titles, not much has happened since. Could this be the game that finally lands Dr. Who in gamers’ good books?

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