Doctor Who Closing Time Spoiler Free Preview

21 tantalising titbits about next week’s episode

1 A slight and frothy episode with a bit of pathos and foreshadowing

2 And when we say slight, we mean slight – the SF plot is virtually non-existent and, unlike its sorta prequel (“The Lodger”), “Closing Time” doesn’t really have a charming, personal tale to tell. There are sweet moments, but no real story

3 Instead it’s more about looking for “telling” parallels and “pertinent” metaphors

4 Clearly the intention is to have some fun between the intensity of previous two episodes and the finale. It is very funny and witty, with some splendid Matt Smith moments but at the expense of virtually all else; there is little sense of threat and the monsters are pretty much wasted

5 However, the foreshadowing does give the episode some gravitas and the final scenes perk things up magnificently

6 There are lots of little “Oooooh” moments as unexpected elements click into place

7 Two people (and one of them’s not Craig) have very surprising career changes

8 There is a potential replacement for K9

9 Stormageddon

10 Freeze frame on a newspaper for some very amusing headlines

11 An enemy from the other side gets a mention

12 The Doctor repeats a line first uttered by Patrick Troughton

13 The resolution to the main plot is very cheesy, and even an attempt to de-cheese it doesn’t really work

14 The Doctor appears to have developed another new power which then mysteriously deserts him again when it would be useful

15 The Doctor is here to help, and has a badge to prove it

16 There’s a wonderful moment with the Doctor and someone his complete opposite under the stars

17 There’s the return of a familiar song

18 There’s the return of a familiar song

19 18 was not a mistake. Maybe it’s a double bluff

20 The Doctor has a smashing moment

21 Somebody’s confused between partners and companions

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