Dead Rising 2: Off the Records mode finally removes the countdown timer

Capcom revealed a new mode for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record at PAX that takes a big meaty bite into the heart of what makes Dead Rising fun. “Sandbox mode” takes a sandbox game and adds, well… even more sandbox to it, removing the countdown timer and allowing players to roam freely for as long as they’d like. As Frank West says in the video below, he’s “not here for work” so there’s no annoying helicopter coming to rescue him from the infection when time is up.

Sandbox mode doesn’t require unlocking and will be available from the outset. To give a little structure to the chaos, the mode also includes challenges that will be peppered throughout Fortune City. They ask Frank to do things like “kill as many zombies as you can in 30 seconds,” “drink as much as you can in 30 seconds,” or “kill as many zombies as you can in 2 minutes.” The variety is nearly endless. Scoring well earns medals, cash, and a good rank on the online leaderboards.

Not to be confused with a handful of new modes and a sci-fi theme park area tacked on to Dead Rising 2, Off the Record is a complete “reimagining” of the Fortune City outbreak. There are new locations to explore, weapons to build, and (most importantly) Frank West so don’t be turned off if you’ve already played Dead Rising 2. The game is due out October 11, 2011.

Aug 26, 2011

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