Christopher Nolan defends Interstellar sound mix

While Interstellar’s visuals have been praised to the rafters, there have been some criticisms of the film’s sound, with reports of dialogue getting lost in some scenes.

Having faced similar criticism after The Dark Knight Rises was released, Christopher Nolan has spoken out in defence of his sound mix, claiming that some distortion is just part of the experience.

“We made carefully considered creative decisions,” explains Nolan. “There are particular moments in this film where I decided to use dialogue as a sound effect, so sometimes it’s mixed slightly underneath the other sound effects or in the other sound effects to emphasize how loud the surrounding noise is.”

“It’s not that nobody has ever done these things before, but it’s a little unconventional for a Hollywood movie. The idea is to experience the journey the character is going on.”

“The experience of being in the cockpit is you hear the creaking; it’s a very scary sound. We wanted to be true to the experience of space travel. We wanted to emphasize those intimate elements.”

All of which seems fair enough, really, with a few lost words arguably worth sacrificing for the benefit of those chaotic space scenes. And anything that gives you a good excuse for round two…

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