Cary Fukunaga to direct Spaceless

Universal’s upcoming sci-fi film Spaceless has bagged itself a director in the form of Cary Fukunaga, whose Jane Eyre adaptation is set to hit UK screens next month.

Now, whilst the auteur behind a period costume drama might seem a slightly odd choice for an action-packed, space-set adventure movie, it’s probably worth remembering that Fukunaga was also responsible for the altogether more kinetic Sin Nombre . He’s not just about the corsets…

Spaceless will follow the plight of an assassin who wakes to find himself drifting aimlessly through space. With only an in-suit computer for company, he’s got time to do a bit of thinking until he eventually runs out of air.

As he struggles to recall the events that led up to this point (including a hit conducted within a space station), our (anti)hero begins to question whether he is in space at all, or trapped in an artificial prison by an unknown assailant.

As first reported by The Playlist , Fukunaga will be joined by Gore Verbinski as producer, and will get the chance to tinker the script to his liking with a round of wholesale re-writes. Could this be another cerebral sci-fi to file alongside Duncan Jones’ recent double-header of Moon and Source Code ?

The film adds to an increasingly busy slate for Fukunaga, who recently confirmed he will write and direct the Civil War-set heist movie, No Blood, No Guts, No Glory.

Source: THR

Excited for Spaceless ? Or is Jane Eyre more your speed? Let us know.

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