Capcom profits rise 290 percent off Dragons Dogma and Resident Evil

The famed developer of Street Fighter, Lost Planet, and Resident Evilannounced today (opens in new tab)that they’ve had an incredible fiscal quarter, raking in the profits from hits likeDragon’s Dogma (opens in new tab)and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Unfortunately, Dragon’s Dogma didn’t sell very well in the United States. However, a very strong showing in Japan helped boost the title into platinum territory, selling over one million copies.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was no slouch either, moving just 450,000 copies despite highly negative reviews (opens in new tab). Even in light of the supremely negative critical reaction to RE: ORC, it’s surprising to see a brand new IP so thoroughly trounce an established series.

It seems like Capcom has a bright future ahead of them. They’ve stated that Dragon’s Dogma is now an established series, adding another pillar to their already healthy line-up. And with Resident Evil 6 coming up on the horizon on October 6, 2012 these strong sales are very likely to continue. Who knows, maybe they’ll even have the resources to put out Street Fighter 5 before the decade is out.

Let’s just hope that Capcom sold enough copies of Dragon’s Dogma in the West to warrant giving it another try with the sequel.

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