Call of Duty Warzone devs talk Nakatomi Plaza and leaning into the 80s for more map updates

Call of Duty Warzone now has its very own detailed recreation of Nakatomi Plaza, and some of the developers responsible for bringing it to Verdansk have shared what it took to make the Nakatomi Plaza Warzone vault a part of the city – and what it means for its future.

Nakatomi Plaza arrived as part of the Call of Duty Presents ’80s Action Heroes event. While it’s here, it’s meant to be a new centerpiece for matches – for as long as it’s in the circle, anyway. Raven Software’s Amos Hodge told the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab) that Verdansk’s downtown area is typically “a hold-out location” for one or two squads, but ripping out four city blocks to make room for the tower also meant making space for many more Call of Duty Warzone squads to roam and skirmish.

While you’re checking out Nakatomi Plaza’s five explorable floors, keep your eye out for one detail from the movie that Hodge was very happy about recreating: “My personal favorite is definitely the bloody footprints leading out of the bathroom. That’s an attention to detail that is really cool. Players can play as the John McClane Operator and walk over the bloody footprints barefoot as John McClane. There’s some very surreal moments that fans are going to love.”

Nakatomi Plaza is only meant to be a temporary addition to the Verdansk skyline. However, it could hint at some of the ways the Warzone team plans to keep its setting fresh throughout the rest of this season and beyond.

“We’re definitely going to lean into the ‘80s and we’re definitely going to continue making updates,” Hodge teased. “This is one of the first big splashes we’re making, but you can expect continual updates to the map, new content and ways to play throughout the seasons.”

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