Black Ops 2 release date teased by retailer flier?

For a game about secret men secretly doing secret things in secrecy, Call of Duty: Black Ops is pretty bad at keeping its own business hush-hush. First Activision registers, likely continuing Treyarch’s (opens in new tab) review of 1970s face-shooting realpolitik; and now a retail flier surfaces (opens in new tab) bearing a familiar-looking shadowy army-man and the leading invitation to “return for debriefing” come May of this year.

Assuming the combination of Activision/Treyarch, the CoD font, and Black Ops’ interrogation-room motif point toward something Black and Operative, the impending date could well be a reveal for the series’ next installment – allowing you to mark your calendars with a clear starting-point for the game’s promotional campaign proper. Whether or not you’re a series diehard, there’s little denying the power of the Call of Duty Hype Factory, so here’s looking forward to another campaign of blockbuster bombast and braggadocio. Um, a stealthy one, of course.

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